Edited Volume


Books edited by Giles Tillotson

edited book 1James Tod’s Rajasthan: The Historian and His Collections
Marg Publications, Mumbai, 2007

ISBN 81-85026-80-7

A study of the famous but controversial 19th-century historian of Rajasthan, Lt Col James Tod, and the collections that he amassed and bequeathed to the Royal Asiatic Society in London
With contributions from Andrew Topsfield, Vibhuti Sachdev, Florence D’Souza, Rima Hooja, Nasim Khan, Jason Freitag, Cynthia Talbot, Lawrence A. Babb and Lloyd I Rudolph.

‘A valuable addition to Indian historiography’ – The Indian Express

edited book 2 Stones in the Sand: The Architecture of Rajasthan
Marg Publications, Mumbai, 2001

ISBN 81-85026-52-1

This volume presents the characteristic traditional architecture of Rajasthani towns and cities: the stone-built forts, palaces, havelis, temples and tanks, from the 16th century onwards, when the region developed its distinctive style of domestic and civic architecture.
With contributions from Rima Hooja, Vibhuti Sachdev, Andrew Topsfield, Catherine B Asher, Julia AB Hegewald, Kulbhushan Jain, Sarah Glynn, Parul Zaveri and Nimish Patel

‘Brings to life the past history of the Rajputs’ – The Nation (Karachi)

‘Replete with photographs and diagrams, here is an admirably lucid exposition of a complex subject.’ – The Hindu

edited book 3Paradigms of Indian Architecture: Space and Time in Representation and Design
Curzon Press, Richmond/OUP Delhi, 1998

ISBN 0-7007-0628-3

This book is about conceptions of Indian architecture – about how the historical buildings of the subcontinent have been conceived and described. ‘Paradigms’ – meaning patterns or models – here include the design philosophies of architects, and styles of analysis by architectural historians. The book explores how systems of design and ideas about aesthetics have governed both the construction of buildings in India and their subsequent interpretation.
With contributions from Thomas R Metcalf, Tapati Guha-Thakurta, Vidya Dehejia, Adam Hardy, Anna L Dallapiccola, Kulbhushan Jain and Sunand Prasad

‘An enormously stimulating collection of articles’ – Indian Review of Books

‘One of the most thought-provoking books on Indian architecture to appear in recent years’ – Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History.